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Our HULDRA soaps offer an extended lifespan, typically lasting 2-3 weeks with regular daily use. The durability varies based on several factors, including the richness of lather, individual grooming habits, usage frequency, and water characteristics. To maximize the longevity of your HULDRA soap, consider the following three recommendations:

  1. Optimal Storage: Ensure your soap dries thoroughly between uses by storing it in a location that promotes airflow. We suggest utilizing a HULDRA Soap Saver or Soap Gripper, specially designed to enhance the lifespan of our bars.
  2. Post-Shower Care: After each use, give your HULDRA bar a gentle shake and place it on the Soap Saver to eliminate excess water droplets. This simple step contributes to preserving the integrity of your soap.
  3. Lathering Technique: To create a luxurious lather, use a loofah or shower cloth instead of applying the bar directly under a continuous stream of water. For an unconventional touch, those with a glorious beard or abundant body hair can embrace their natural resources for a unique lathering experience, adding a distinctive touch that resonates with the true spirit of HULDRA.

Our HULDRA soap is built to last, with a robust shelf life of 24 months. While it's guaranteed to stay effective for the full two years, we suggest you dive into the experience sooner to relish the maximum fragrance. For that unmistakable HULDRA freshness, keep your soap stored in a dry, cool spot when not in action.

Absolutely! Our UNSCENTED soap went through some serious testing, including the Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT), and dermatologists gave it the nod for being non-irritant and hypoallergenic. You can count on our Unscented soap to deliver a gentle and soothing cleansing experience, making sure your skin stays well-cared-for without a worry in the world.

Great question! While our soap isn't specifically formulated as antibacterial, research suggests that regular soap, like our cold-processed, all-natural HULDRA soap, is just as effective as antibacterial soap in preventing infectious illnesses and maintaining top-notch hygiene.

Most antibacterial soaps on the market contain triclosan, a common ingredient in body soaps, cleaning products, and toothpastes. Triclosan is suspected to contribute to the development of antibacterial and antibiotic resistance, and it's not great for the environment!

If you're aiming to stay clean and environmentally conscious, stick with HULDRA's regular soap!


Many well-known "soaps" on the market aren't true soaps at all. Once you delve into their ingredients, you'll discover they resemble more of a detergent used for laundry or dishes! In the mass-production world, glycerin, a valuable byproduct created during soap-making, often gets replaced with chemicals due to considerations of efficiency and cost. Glycerin, however, holds immense value as it naturally provides the desired soothing and moisturizing properties that discerning soap users seek!

At HULDRA, we stick to the traditional soap-making process. By cold-processing our soap, glycerin naturally forms in our bars from plant-derived oils! This ensures you receive a high-quality product that not only cleans but also nourishes and protects your skin. So, go ahead, embrace the rugged side of life - we've got you covered!

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While many body washes offer a perceived gentleness due to the inclusion of emollients, these components, which moisturize the skin, often contain chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, PEGs, and parabens. The truth is that emollients rehydrate the skin by initially extracting existing moisture from beneath your skin, potentially causing long-term damage.

Our natural, cold-processed bar soap is designed to hydrate and cleanse the skin without resorting to harsh chemicals or synthetic skin softeners commonly found in body washes. We incorporate natural emollients like kaolin clay, which help preserve the skin's existing moisture without resorting to the use of chemicals that strip away natural oils vital for moisture production.

Experience the difference with HULDRA, where skincare means embracing the power of nature without compromising on effectiveness!

Lye is a vital ingredient in all our handmade, cold-processed soaps. It serves as the catalyst that transforms the liquid vegetable oils and butters we use (coconut, olive, mango, cocoa, sunflower, castor) into the solid end product. By the conclusion of the soap-making process, due to the chemical reaction, there is no lye left in the final product.

We transparently list lye in the ingredients of our soap bars to fully disclose our soap-making process. If you come across soaps claiming to be lye-free, they either use alternative chemicals or are making that statement because there is no lye in the final product.

In essence, our soaps are 97% vegetable-based, and there is no lye present in the end product. Transparency and quality craftsmanship define the HULDRA soap experience.

You can bet on it – none of our core slabs or bars have any synthetic colorants! At HULDRA, we're all about the real deal, prioritizing natural ingredients to give you an authentic and wholesome experience.

In our soaps, we proudly bring in activated charcoal, a natural colorant that packs a punch of benefits for your skin. Activated charcoal is like a magnet for impurities, toxins, and excess oils, delivering a deep and effective cleanse. It's a solid addition to our lineup, ensuring your skin gets the care it deserves.

Now, for our Unscented soap, the only extra kick comes from Kaolin Clay. This natural clay isn't just for show – it's got your back with gentle exfoliation, oil absorption, and keeping your complexion in check. Plus, here's a nugget for you: our Unscented soap is tested and approved by a dermatologist, found to be non-irritant and hypoallergenic. With HULDRA, we keep it simple, top-notch, and gentle on your skin.

Well, beeswax, a natural wonder known for its skin-conditioning properties, does more than just that in our soap. It elevates the soap's texture, creating a firm and long-lasting bar, while also contributing to a luxurious creamy lather. 

Beyond the sensory experience, beeswax imparts skin-conditioning benefits, leaving your skin feeling nourished and moisturized after each use. We take pride in our ethical sourcing practices, collaborating with manufacturers committed to sustainable and bee-friendly methods, aligning our commitment not only to quality but also to environmental responsibility. HULDRA soap isn't just a cleansing ritual; it's a harmonious blend of nature's goodness and conscious choices for your skin and our planet.

All our grooming gear is proudly crafted right here in the stunning landscapes of Canada. We're dedicated to keeping the whole production within our borders, ensuring top-notch products and a workplace that's glorious and free!

Well, listen up, ink aficionados! This soap's been through the ringer with HRIPT testing, and the dermatologist gave it the thumbs up for being non-irritant and hypoallergenic – solid, right? When it comes to tattoo aftercare, you want a soap that's as gentle as your touch with the needle but still packs a punch in the cleanliness department. Before you jump in, have a chat with your ink maestro. They know the drill, and they'll spill the beans on whether HULDRA soap is the secret sauce for your tattoo masterpiece. Keep that ink sharp, my friends!

HULDRA soap is like the MVP for your skin, guys, with a 7% superfat content. That means we're hooking you up with a solid 7% extra of natural oils to keep your skin on top of its game. No synthetic stuff here – just the real deal. And you know what else? We let the natural glycerin do its thing. Glycerin is like the secret agent of hydration, making sure your skin stays as tough and moisturized as you are. So, when you grab a Huldra bar, it's not just about cleaning up; it's about giving your skin the VIP treatment.